Why Lyfcoin ?

Well Crypto-The Clever Way!


Who are we and What we do?

The lyfcoin ecosystem will offer a sustainable staking platform to all ERC-20 tokens (even the ones that are not POS (proof of stake)).

Our team of experts identifies and evaluates potential new projects before they are made available to the wider audience to help the community take advantage of these opportunities.

The platform is designed for Staking,analysis of new ERC-20 smart contracts and subsequent account management for merchants. Allowing individuals to make fast, secure and cost-effective transactions through a decentralized peer-to-peer network.

Our company’s mission is to create a user-friendly digital platform where we offer information and Staking services for novice and competent investors in the field of cryptocurrency. Additionally, our product portfolio includes master node services for individuals or groups interested in becoming part ofthis ecosystem.

We have state of the art servers which are constantly involved in Staking. They monitor the staking mechanism and perform the distribution process. This way profits are generated on a daily basis. In any business profit and loss is common, and our aim is to be in the black every day, that is where our platform comes in. Experienced minds combined with amazing technology synergise towards achieving this goal. Every month the staking mechanism evaluates itself and ensures that the network releases more coins to the staker.

Redistribution of profits to our members and affiliates is done on a daily basis. The profits are credited to the user daily and are available to be withdrawn daily too. All withdrawals are processed via the blockchain using a M-sig wallet.

Our philosophy is to keep things simple and our platform is builtwith this in mind. All users from novice to the professional will be able to manage their portfolios very easily.

There is a constant connection between the Crypto world and our live dashboard, making it seamless for the user to synergise their accounts easily using their mobile web wallets. Existing members can enjoy special benefits for recommending our platform. The dashboard is connected with a permissioned Hyperledger making it extremely secure.

Lyfcoin wishes all users, All the Very Best with all their Staking.


so, Crypto - The Clever way!

Makes sense?

We are an already well-established platform with thousands of users, and here are a few facts.

  1. We will be paired against all the pioneer coins – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Etc.
  2. Over 28 years of financial industry experience.
  3. Over 25 years of I.T experience from multinational corporations.
  4. Our Primary token is already being accepted as a part of a payment mechanism in the crypto world.
  5. Regulated by the European licensing authority.
  6. Global Banking standard infrastructure
  7. Multiple staking platforms
  8. Full product offerings
  9. Live updates on all crypto index.
  10. Bespoke customer service.
  11. 24 hours support service available by mail, chat and even help provided through what’s app.
  1. Knowledgeable and competent support staff and help deskin local languages.
  2. Consistent market information.
  3. Regular news letters
  4. Transparent pricing structure
  5. All withdrawals processed daily
  6. Live Reuters news, live prices, market information,advanced staking systems, timely market information briefs, SMS alerts, and technical analysis tools to provide you with a competitive edge
  7. Security and safety of Customer Funds policy, 100% isolation of retail customer funds with top-level wallets, straight forward and transparent deposit, as well as withdrawal policy
  8. Technology-driven back-office systems that allow you to examine your staking positions and P&L online 24 hours a day.
The Perks

Meet our solution for you

  • lyfcoin-future
    Lyfcoin future

    Blockchain and Crypto currency is the future.

  • mobile-app
    Lyfcoin supply

    Lyfcoin blockchain has a limited supply of 120 million coins.

  • lyfcoin-wallet
    Lyfcoin Wallet

    Coming soon !

  • lyfcoin-exchange
    Lyfcoin Exchange

    Buy Lyfcoin from Exchange.

  • lyfcoin-earn
    Lyfcoin Earn

    Earn through Learning.

  • analysis-planning
    Lyfcoin rewards

    Transform your life with our innovative rewards model.

Some of our member favourite Staking Pools

Life is short. Join us

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    Entry Staking Pool

    Start your journey into the lyfcoin ecosystem with just $100 worth of lyfcoins. Enjoy Staking, shopping, dining out with your frients and family using lyfcoins.

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    Standard Staking Pool

    Explore the true pontential of the lyfcoin subscriptions with just $500 worth of lyfcoins in Standard Staking Pool . Enjoy Staking, dining out with your friends and family using lyfcoins.

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    Networker Staking Pool

    Truly for the networkers building their business. Start getting royalty paid into your web wallets daily and max out your revenues for networking. Enjoy Staking, shopping, dining out with your friends and family using lyfcoins.

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    Founder Staking Pool

    For the committed ones. Sit back relax and let your money go to work for you. Enjoy Staking, shopping, dining out with your friends and family using lyfcoins.

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