Lyfcoin Voting

Vote and Earn - Earn more through our Staking Platform.

By casting votes for your favourite crypto, you build our staking platform and also earn money! For each day of voting, you will receive a proportional amount of Lyf coins that you can trade on an exchange. The total pool of Tokens from which you will receive prizes is $1 million dollars in Lyf coins.
You may be holding on to a few different tokens/coins, most of which may be losing the valued due to the following factors:

1) users undercutting your price on the exchange.
2) you are not getting any more incentive to H.O.D.L.
3) Due to the extreme volatility of BTC/Eth your token is losing its value.
Put some LYF (life) Back into your favourite crypto and vote for them.

Voting has begun. Please login to vote.


Ranking of cryptocurrencies

Please note - Users need to login to vote

Nominate your coin/token

Lyf coin community and users decide on the cryptocurrencies to be included in the voting list. This is done through Lyf coin Launchpad by nomination. On application and going through the vetting process these are then nominated to go for voting. Users will earn a share of 10,000 lyf just for voting. top 100 coins will be selected and they will fight in the final voting.

Earnings from voting

For each vote you cast, you will be rewarded with LYF coins in proportion to the total number of votes. It means that there will be a certain amount of Lyf Coins divided into a number of all votes cast by users, which will fix a reward for one vote. You need to have a verified account to start voting.

Rules of voting

Voting takes place regularly. You will be able to vote every 24 hours. For each vote, you will get Lyf coins. You can only cast one vote a day. The crypto with the most votes wins. The Lyf coins collected during the vote will be distributed within 2 weeks after the end of the voting and only after successful listing.